Bosch P21W (382) Pure Light car light bulbs – 12 V 21 W BA15s – 2 bulbs

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BoschBosch Invented for life

Bosch offers one of the world’s largest ranges of spare parts for vehicle repair. The focus thereby is on high quality and a long product life. This helps to keep people mobile all over the world.

For more than 130 years, Bosch has pursued the goal of offering intelligent and reliable solutions to make life a little bit easier every day.

Pure Light BOSCH

Quality without compromise

On the road, it is important to see well but also to be seen. If the importance of the front lights is undeniable, the other rear and signal lights also contribute greatly to it. Interior lighting is also important for more comfort in everyday life.

With the Pure Light range from Bosch, choose a bulb in original quality at the best value. Be sure to find the right bulb from the wide product portfolio.

Original quality Longevity Customizing Customizing
Original quality Up to 3x longer lifetime Warm white light Cold white light
Up to 3200K (warm white) Up to 3200K (warm white) Up to 4000K (warm white) Up to 6000K (cold white)
1150 hours 1600 hours 4000 hours 4000 hours





double threat

double threat

Always have spare lamps:

It is strongly recommended to equip yourself with an emergy box or spare lamps in order to always have the right lamp at hand in case of failure of one of them. This ensures safety and compliance with legislation.

Respect basic precautions

Touching the glass of the bulb with your fingers may shorten its life. When replacing the bulb, use gloves or a soft cloth to handle the bulb.

– Be careful of the risk of burns if you change a bulb that has just worked. The gloves will be your ally

Remember to change your lamps in pairs:

Since the lifespan of two identical lamps is extremely similar, it will not take long for your second lamp to stop working. Your safety will be compromised.

Whether you change your lamps yourself or by a professional, it is more convenient and economical to change both lamps at the same time.

Suitable for all types of vehicles with different needs
Long service life: thanks to the high quality materials and components used
Good price-quality ratio
ECE approved
Available in C5W, H6W, K10W (Sof. 10W), P21W, PY21W, P21/4W, P21/5W, R5W, R10W, T4W, W3W, W5W, WY5W, W16W, W21W, W21/5W, W1,2W
Quantity: 2 bulbs

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