ISAKEN Anion Bracelet, Wireless Silicone Anti-static Bracelet, Outdoor Sports Fitness Power Band Anti Static Wrist Strap Health Care Wristband

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The current balance function of negative ions can balance positive and negative charges, thereby enhancing body functions and improving sub-health conditions
The titanium steel clasp is convenient to use. The static dissipating belt without grounding cord is convenient to use.

Material: silicone
Color: black/white
Net weight: 20g
Gross weight: 20g
Package weight: 35g
Specifications: 20cm for men, 18cm for women

Package Including
Packing list:

Features: Anti-static bracelet, fashionable couple bracelet, easy to wear, can significantly reduce the number of static electricity.
Multiple uses: it is not only an anti-static bracelet, but also a fashionable decoration. Black is simple and white is fashionable. It can be matched with different types of clothes
Good gifts: Negative ion silicone bracelet is ideal birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day gifts for lovers, parents, children, friends and girlfriends.
Size: male: 20 cm, inner diameter: 60 mm, female: 18 cm, inner diameter: 56 mm

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