Jemimah Health Hoop Hula Hoop with 96 magnets 1.7kg

Price: £67.91
(as of Jul 11,2023 03:08:47 UTC – Details)

The Jemimah Health Hoop weights 1,7 kg and has got a diameter of 107 cm. From all Health Hoops the Jemimah Health Hoop II has got the most acupuncture balls with built-in magnets, full 96! The result: an all round massage around your abdomen and waist area, as well as the perfect stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism. The Jemimah Health Hoop features elastic balls to prevent the hoop from going downward during exercise. The air-cushioning-technology feels very pleasurable because of the double line of massage balls. The Jemimah Health Hoop is easy and quickly assembled because of the 8-part ‘one-touch’-system.
quickly assembled with one touch system
weight 1.7kg
diameter 107cm
96 magnets

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