PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor (no GPS) – Lightweight and waterproof with no recharging or subscription (latest version, as seen on TV)

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Product Description

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ HeaderPitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Header

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image LeftPitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image Left


* Fully-waterproof. Your dog can wear their PitPat while they’re swimming and diving (even in the sea) and it’ll just shake it off.

* Dog-tough. Your dog can be a dog, whatever they do, and their PitPat won’t mind a bit.

* Small and lightweight. PitPat suits all breeds, even the smallest. And for puppies, if your dog is big enough to wear a collar, they’re big enough to wear a PitPat.

* Comfortable to wear. PitPat’s wide and soft VELCRO Brand strap won’t pull or catch in fur. Your dog won’t know it’s there.

* Fits any collar or harness. As long as it’s attached to your dog, PitPat will work. And if your dog wears a collar/harness only to go out, that’s fine too.

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* Long battery life and no recharging. PitPat’s replaceable CR2032 battery lasts at least a year. When it’s time to change, it’s cheap-to-buy and easy-to-swap.

* Secure fitment. Super-strong VELCRO Brand strap means PitPat can’t easily get lost.

* No subscription. Nothing more to pay — ever. (Our PitPat Life club with perks, points and prizes is optional but not required to get everything you see here forever).

* Easy and quick set up. Get going in less than three minutes. Monitor activity for years.

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image Left AppPitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image Left App


* Download free on iOS or Android. Works with all phones. Frequent free updates with new features, etc.

* Incredibly simple to use. Carefully designed to be easy-to-navigate with all the features you need to look after your dog.

* Set up a profile for your dog. Over 200 breeds to choose from. Quickly enter your dog’s name, birthday, sex and weight. Add a favourite photo.

* Works with multiple dogs and multiple owners. Everyone in the family can see all your dogs. Share with your dog-walker or others too if you want.

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Left

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Left

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Middle

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Middle

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Right

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor A+ Image 3Right


Get a personal exercise recommendation and win a star for achieving it each day.

See how much walking, running, playing, pottering and resting your dog does — including at night.

See daily distance covered and calories burnt, and get an inspiring message every day.


Assess body condition, set an ideal weight and track progress towards it.

Get encouraging feedback every time you weigh your dog.

Then keep your dog at their perfect weight through fitness and diet.


Win badges for extended goal-streaks, accumulated distance, and more.

We’re adding new badges all the time.

Collect the complete set over several years, and share them with your friends.

Accurately measures and displays daily dog exercise and rest, distance and calories. Manages weight.
Get personal breed-specific recommendations. Set and track goals. Win fun achievement badges.
Fits any dog and collar/harness. Super-robust, feather-light, comfortable and fully-waterproof.
Ultra-long (1+ years) user-replaceable battery (CR2032) included. No recharging, ever.

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