Sports Air Water Bottle BPA Free,650ml Starter up Set Drinking Bottles with 5 Fruit Flavour Pods Scented For Flavouring 0 Sugar, 0 Calorie,for Gym and Outdoor Sports (650ml-Purple+5pods)

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➜【SUPPLEMENTARY DESCRIPTION】➜ Our smell bag and the pure water in the sports water bottle are completely independent. This is an interesting game of taste and smell. If you can feel the taste of fruit when drinking purified water, it means that your sense of smell is great and it has defeated your sense of taste. Through this fun drinking game, you will find that you can stay away from unhealthy carbohydrates and make your body healthier and healthier.We cannot guarantee that everyone’s olfactory organ is very sensitive, so some customers may not experience the pleasure of drinking water. But please believe that the materials of our products are absolutely healthy and safe! ➜【Features】➜: Creative men’s and women’s outdoor bicycle accompanying cup Solid color personalized large-capacity water cup

➜【Water bottle capacity】➜: 650mL

【Material】: PC

【Flavor bag】: Contains 5 flavors.

【Package includes】: Deliver according to the selected package. One sports water bottle+5 flavour pods

【Deliver time】: deliver within 24 hours, and complete the delivery task in
about 10-15 days.

✪➜✪【WORKING PRINCIPLE】:-We all think that the taste buds on the tongue reflect our taste, but in fact, the tongue is only responsible for part of the taste experience. We can use smell to reflect the source of taste. This is a game to test whether the sense of smell is sensitive. We can use our sense of smell to experience five flavors (pineapple, orange, lemon, grape, peach) in the aromatic ring, so that you have different experiences, make drinking water interesting and delicious, and help you drink more water. Note: This will not change the taste of pure water in the bottle, so your mouth will not have sweet taste. The taste is generated in your brain olfactory nerve.
✪➜✪【WITH STRAW AND FLAP】: -Just click the button to open the cup with one hand for easy use. The flap is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental opening, dust and leakage. Silicone straws make drinking more convenient. The design of the buckle handle of the fitness water bottle has a wide mouth and is convenient to add ice. It is very suitable for travel, hiking, school, office, gym, running, yoga and any indoor and outdoor activities.
✪➜✪【LEAKAGE AND DUST PREVENTION】: – The lid of this water bottle uses a transparent cover and an internal silicone sealing ring to ensure that this water bottle is dust-proof and leak-proof. In addition, the water bottle is designed with a safety lock, which will not leak even if the water bottle is overturned.
✪➜✪【PRECAUTIONS FOR PURCHASE】:-We will ship the package according to the package you purchased. The sugar-free, calorie-free flavor package and water bottle are independent. You need to choose your own package according to the pictures and details.
✪➜✪【IDEAL GIFT】:-The sports kettle is fashionable and durable, suitable for adults and children. It is the best gift for yourself, family, friends, colleagues, women and men who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Believe me, this fashionable and interesting combination will make your friends and lovers happy. Try different fruit flavors and experience the ultimate drinking pleasure.

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