Type 1 to Type 2 32A (7.2kW) Mode 3 EV/Electric Vehicle Charging Cable | 5 Metre

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Type 1 to Type 2 32A (7.2kW) Mode 3 EV/Electric Vehicle Charging Cable | 5 Metre

Our Type 1 (J1772) to Type 2 (IEC 62196) Charging Cable is the ideal fast charging solution for your electric vehicle, allowing your vehicle to be recharged and ready for your electric journey. Complete with a Cable Carry Bag, this charging cable provides you with a portable solution, allowing you to charge your EV on the go.

EV Plug Characteristics

Better Conductivity – Silver plating on the pins ensures greater conductivity, charging efficiency and reduces heat generation.

Arcing Design – Unique ‘self-cleaning’ design ensures that impurities on the surface of the pins can be removed during each plug-in process.

Integrated Design – IK10 rated with an integrated design ensuring that you can charge safely in all weather conditions.

Temperature Monitoring – Detects if the temperature is higher than the ‘set safe’ value, if this occurs, the current will automatically be cut off.

Ergonomic Design – Angled horizontal bending design, in line with the habit of manual force which allows for convenient plugging & unplugging.

Cable Characteristics

Strong Patience – Highly resistant to the cold & heat, with the cable maintaining flexibility at -40 °c, therefore withstanding colder conditions.

Stronger & Anti-aging – The tight, strong molecular structure provides a long-lasting charging cable solution, ensuring greater service life.

TPU Cable – Highly resistant to bending, protecting the internal wiring harness to function normally under repeated bending conditions.









Fast & Reliable Charging

Charge your electric vehicle faster with our Type 1 to Type 2 charging cable, allowing your vehicle to be ready when required for your electric journey!

Hard-wearing & Durable

Our charging cables are ‘run-over’ proof, providing you with a long-lasting charging solution for your electric vehicle. The charging guns are also made from hard-wearing thermoplastic, ensuring maximum durability.

Quality Assured

Each and every single one of our cables are checked in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that they meet the required quality for your charging experience.

Included Cable Carry Bag

Complete with a Cable Carry Bag, you can take your electric vehicle charging cable anywhere you go, ensuring you’re always prepared to charge your vehicle.



error chargingerror charging

Pins not latching – Make sure to use considerable force when plugging in the cable and wiggle until the pins make a full strong connection.Charge settings on car – Make sure you have no timers or other settings turned on.Car is locked – the car needs to be unlocked and turned off to start the charging process.Plugging into another cable – This cable must plug directly into a Type 2 socket.

Charging Procedure

Follow these steps for easy charging

Pull up to the charging point and turn off your carMake sure your car is unlocked with no charge settings/timers turned onPlug the Type 2 Male end into the charging unit – Make sure to firmly push so the pins fully latchPlug the Type 1 Female end into your cars charging port – Make sure to firmly push so the pins fully latchLock your car and leave to charge. (Also locks the cable if car supports)After charging always remove the plug from the car first and then the charging unit
The male plugs top pin is positioned further back as a safety feature so the power disconnects first when unplugging

Connector Type
Type 1 to Type 2 Type 1 to Type 2 Type 1 to Type 2 Type 1 to Type 2
Max. AC Charging Current
16A 16A 32A 32A
Max. Output
3.6kW 3.6kW 7.2kW 7.2kW
Cable Length
5m 10m 5m 10m
Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase
FREE Carry Bag Included

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COMPATIBLE & COMPLIANT | Compatible with all Type 1 (J1772) electric vehicles on the market and tested to meet CE and TUV Rheinland certification requirements.
WEATHER/HEAT RESISTANT | With an IP54 weatherproof rating, rest assured, you can allow your electric vehicle to recharge throughout the day and night, during all weather conditions.
2 YEAR WARRANTY | Our Type 1 to Type 2 32A (7.2kW) 5 Metre Charging Cable is complete with a 2 year no-fuss, no-hassle warranty. UK support is also available and we also accommodate for different languages.

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