ulapithi 5 Pcs Fluid Pump | Self Priming Siphon Hose,Automotive Siphon Pump Antistatic Transfer Hose for Water, Oil, Diesel

Price: £11.89
(as of Jun 27,2023 00:01:47 UTC – Details)

Multi-use Siphon Pump is suitable for transferring liquid such as oil, liquid, or diesel.
1. Portable and lightweight.
2. Easy and safe to use.
3. Made of anti-static material, easy access to the container.

Product parameters:
4-point copper nipper interface diameter: about 1.5cm/0.59inch
Width, bottom diameter: about 2.2cm/0.86inch
A single weight: about 30g
Pipe outer diameter: about 1.8cm/0.7inch
thickness: about 1mm/0.04inch
Tube length: about 1.8M/70.86inch

Packing list:
1*Siphon Pump
♬Easy to Handle: Simply place the into the container to be siphoned, shake it up and down, and the fluid will begin to flow. Fluid Pump is to use. Remove the connector’s end from the liquid to halt the flow.
♬Pocket and Compact: Lightweight multi-use fluid transfer pump is suitable for a variety of vehicles, however, it is not recommended for transferring saline or copper chemicals.
♬Reliable Liquid Transfer: You will never have to begin the siphoning process with your mouth, which is extremely risky and ineffective. There are no longer any concerns about the liquid entering the mouth while using the Self-Priming Siphon Hose.
♬Multifunctional Siphon Tube: Any liquid can be transported by fluid transfer pump, making it a great option for delivering oil, liquid, or diesel. It is also a useful tool for many different household uses.


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