WOOD TREE motorised treadmill Home treadmill, 1-10 km/h, with extra long handrails, easy to move, small footprint, for walking and running

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Long Description Home treadmill Electric treadmill for home, office, running and walking. Instructions:
First do the warm-up preparations, then the speed from slow to fast, there is a buffering process, so choose the running speed that suits you according to your condition.
When you run, you can swing your arms to burn and move your body quickly. If you want to walk, you can adjust the minimum speed and move slowly with your arms.
When the treadmill stops, the speed changes from fast to slow, so that the body has a buffering process, so that a sudden deceleration does not cause fainting or falls.
The treadmill is an ideal treadmill for beginners. To meet the needs of more consumers, our engineers have specially stretched the handrail area when designing, so that not only adults can use it, but also middle-aged and elderly and disabled people can use it. . However, people with disabilities and the elderly must use it under the supervision of a guardian to avoid accidents. Usage: Can be used for exercise, walking and treadmill as well as rehabilitation exercises for the elderly.
Running Belt Area: 1050 * 370mm
Extended Size: 1180 * 560 * 1150mm
Package Size: 1330 * 70 * 30mm
Speed ​​□□ Range: 1 , 0-10km / h
Maximum load: 130kg
Net weight: 25kg
Pedal material: High density shock absorbing soft pedal
Power: 0.75 HP plus flywheel
Display: speed, time, distance, calories, etc.
Packaging: treadmill, tool bag, magnetic lock, armrest, manual

2. [Perfect design concept]: Inside with movable wheels, easy to move, small footprint, space saving. Apply to home, office use.
3. [Space for the running belt]: 370mm extra wide space for the running belt, let you use more comfortable, soft high-density damping pedal can better reduce noise, provide a comfortable running environment.
4. [Emergency stop]: Built-in safety button, emergency stop at critical times. Equipped with a red safety rope, pull it to turn off the treadmill.
5. [Multifunctional LCD Display] The display allows you to view time, speed, calories and other data information, and is easy to use.

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