34436850289 Electric Parking Brake Handbrake Actuator Control Unit compatible with 2007-2013 X5 E70 / 2008-2014 X6 E71 E72 34436782205

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About the Parking Brake Actuator

The EPB integrated system is based on an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and an actuator mechanism. The brake caliper itself provides a connection between the hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake. The holding mechanism is activated by the driver via a button, which in turn makes brake pads electrically apply onto the rear brakes.

The parking brake is operated by the actuator, which is screw-fixed directly to the brake caliper housing, and actuated via a switch in the vehicle interior. That eliminates the need for hand brake lever and cables, providing multiple advantages such as greater room inside the vehicle, simpler installation of EPB on vehicles, prevention of issues related to mechanical wear or temperature problems. All this ultimately results in brake power improvement in all conditions.


OEM Part Number:

BMW 34 43 6 850 289

BMW 34 43 6 779 451

BMW 34 43 6 782 205

BMW 34 43 6 785 487

BMW 34 43 6 788 556

BMW 34 43 6 788 968

BMW 34 43 6 796 072

Compatibility: BMW 2006-2013 X5 E70 BMW 2008-2014 X6 E71 E72


Handbrake installation steps:

1. Check the degree of wear on the skin of the handbrake. If the wear is serious, it is recommended to change the hand brake skin first. (Note: handbrake skin, not foot brake skin)

2. Install the handbrake cable and adjust the gap between the handbrake and the brake drum as small as possible.

3. Plug in the computer plug, open the phone key door, check if the electronic handbrake module works normally (the second and third steps must not be reversed)

4. If the electronic handbrake template works normally, finally install the emergency unlocking line.


1. Do not pull the emergency unlocking line at any time, unless the handbrake template is damaged, can’t be removed, pull the emergency unlocking line, and the hand brake computer cannot continue to use after hearing the “kaba” sound.

2. If some fault codes cannot be cleared, drive a circle of approximately 5 to 10 kilometers, then go back, stop the fire, try again, and some fault codes will be automatically deleted.

More details:







EPB control design is a robust design which is influenced by a series of different plant disturbances / uncertainties as: available vehicle battery voltage, ambient/caliper/pad temperatures, vehicle harness length, and normal braking hydraulic pressure already present on caliper spindle
OEM Part Number: 34436850289, 34436779451, 34436782205, 34436785487, 34436788556, 34436788968, 34436796072
Compatibility: BM-W 2007-2013 X5 E70, BM-W 2008-2014 X6 E71 E72
Please carefully check the OEM part numbers and pictures to make sure it is compatible with your car. We are always here to solve any problems you may encounter, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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